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Mixers for laboratory and development

Our handy and modular table devices

With our space-saving and flexible table-top devices, you are well equipped for your development department. Our laboratory mixer can be placed on a table or you can combine the device with a mobile frame.

The tabletop device has a modular design and can be configured to suit your requirements. You can equip the tabletop device with a 2 liter V-mixing container for the highest mixing quality, or you can opt for flexibility in terms of volume and rely on our version with wide-necked drums. This allows you to mix between 2 and 10 liters of your products with one device.

The Gnaze system can be expanded with a second mixing chamber or mixing container on the opposite side. This allows two mixes to be created at the same time.

The containers can be easily changed, filled and cleaned using a simple plug-in mechanism. Of course, our mixers are manufactured according to European machine guidelines. By separating a protective hood from the danger area, the operator is guaranteed the highest level of work safety.

Technical information

  • Different shapes and types of mixing tanks

  • 2 liter V-mixing tank for the highest mixing quality made of stainless steel

  • Wide-neck drums made of PE for mixing volumes from 2 l - 10 l

  • Selectable housing in stainless steel or powder-coated sheet steel

  • CE marking and compliance with occupational safety

  • Expandable mixing system as double mixer

  • Technical data:

    • External dimensions approx. 1200 mm x 541 mm x 568 mm

    • Connection: 230 V

    • Rated power: 0.37KW

    • Weight without mixing container: approx. 45 k

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