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Mixers for the metal industry

Gentle mixing of metal powders

The metal industry continues to be one of the most important branches of industry in Germany. Metallurgy includes a wide range of application areas in production, but they have one thing in common in production - the highest precision of the mixed material! An optimal mixing process is therefore of particular importance.

Our mixers make this possible. Metallurgy components such as powder, granules, ores and other additives can be homogeneously mixed with precision.

Advantages of our mixers

  • Gentle mixing process for your products

  • No energy input from rotating shafts and mixers

  • Ideal for sensitive mixes

  • Very good results with short mixing times

  • Easy cleaning:

    • Mixing tank contains no dead spaces and angles

    • Due to the process, no rotating parts are installed

    • The mixing container is made of stainless steel and is polished on the inside

    • As a result, the surface has no germ adhesion capacity and reduces cross-contamination

For the best possible reproducible quality standard, you can expand all of our mixers according to your needs. Regardless of whether it is a PLC control or additional injection options. We customize our systems for you.

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Tabletop Unit

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Ribbon Mixer

Mischer 10l.png

Standalone Unit

Fassmischer 200l neu.png

Barrel Mixer


Large Unit




Custom Mixer



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